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I will be on hiatus til May 21st, but there is a queue lined up here and on my nature blog (link in my "Links" tab).
You are free to message me! So in this time period: be kind to yourselves, keep your heads up and think positive thoughts as often as you can! See you soon :*
"I love you"
Welcome to this little place I call my blog.♥ Prepare to have your dash flooded with my multi-fandom (: I love talking to you, so don't think youre annoying me! This is a place I can express myself 'cause I'm not scared of what people think of me here. Life is an experience, so smile, cry and laugh at every moment you get, cause atm, you are as old as you'll ever get and as young as you'll ever be :) Don't forget that I love you, DFTBA and have a nice day/night (:
I'm here to help you notice your rainbow


Mom: “You’re the only teenager that spends their whole day on the internet”



If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat



relationship goals

my heart just melted.


*grabs your hand and starts running* quick, date me, there’s no time to explain


Concerts are such a surreal experience, I mean, you’re singing your favorite songs with a band or singer that means the world to you and you’re literally in the same room as them. I will never stop loving concerts.




As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that “authority figures” could control my BEING… my ability to BE!
Danièle’s husband, Brian Lucas, who is white, says he believes they were targeted because they are an interracial couple.
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black privilege….

they literally saw a black woman kissing a white man and ASSUMED SHE WAS A PROSTITUTE. and then they said they were married AND THE COPS FUCKING ASKED FOR ID???? what the fuck? what the fuck? and she said no AND WAS ARRESTED? they need to be fired but God knows that’s not going to happen. LISTEN: she’s an actress. this happened to a producer. even fucking Oprah. no matter what you accomplish as a black person, you are still black and people don’t think their rights apply to you despite the constitution it’s really scaryit’s really infuriatingit’s really exhausting